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Welcome to the Web Site* of the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF). The AUSKF is a non-profit umbrella organization supporting the regional member federations by :

  • Organizing national tournaments

  • Training a U.S. team for international competition

  • Organizing promotional examination opportunities for higher ranks

  • Interfacing to the International Kendo Federation (FIK).

  • Providing the member federations with support programs to promote kendo in their region by providing guest instructors, examiners, and arranging for seminars to be given by expert sensei from foreign countries.

For those new to kendo, you'll find news and background information on Kendo and Iaido as it is organized in the 49 states of the continental U.S.**    Use the links at left in the navigation panel to find:

  • News & Events - information on national events such as promotional exams, national team championships, the official AUSKF newsletter, and meeting times and places of the next AUSKF board meeting.

  • Iaido - information specific to the practice of the art of Iaido.

  • Member Federation and Dojo Listings - information on the regional federations and listings of contact information for individual dojo within the regional federations.

  • Fees, Forms & other Documents - information and application forms for promotional exams, tournaments and other AUSKF events.

  • Officers and Board Members - contact information for the current AUSKF officers and board of directors.

  • Other - miscellaneous information such as links to foreign kendo organizations, and university clubs.


* The old domain name was deprecated in 2006.
** The Hawaii Kendo Federation [HKF] is an independent organization.


Site Disclaimer: This website is posted as a service to the All United States Kendo Federation. Information on this website is posted from many different sources and every effort is made to post accurate information. Errors may occur and users use this site without warranties of any sort implied and at their own risk.