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The AUSKF Organization


The AUSKF members are regional kendo federations. The regional federations represent geographical subsections of the United States. For historical reasons some of these geographical regions overlap.

Each regional federation is given a number of representatives proportional to its AUSKF dues paying kendo population. These representatives elect a Board of Directors. The board of directors elects a set of officers of the AUSKF who, along with the board and committees appointed by the board


Officers of the AUSKF

Mr. Koki Ariga (ECUSKF)
223 S. Plum
Troy, OH. 45373
Phone: (937) 335-7417
Work:(937) 339-0212, ext.111
Home: (937) 335-7417
e-mail: kariga@fandp.com

Treasurer and Recorder
Mr. Tomoji Kato (SCKF)
35402 Wyse Rd.
Agua Dulce, CA. 91390
Phone: (661) 268-0672
e-mail: tmkato@earthlink.net

Mr. Yoshinobu Yonekawa (AEUSKF)
149-08 Union Turnpike
Kew Gardens Hills, NY. 11367
Phone: (H) (718) 380-3138
(W) (212) 963-7009
e-mail: yonekawa@un.org

Board Members of the AUSKF


Joining the AUSKF

Members of the AUSKF are regional federations. To join the AUSKF an individual must belong to one of the AUSKF member regional federations. Through these federations you will pay AUSKF membership dues which entitle you to the benefits of AUSKF membership. In addition, your regional federation gains representation at the general meetings in proportion to the number of people who it has placed on its AUSKF roster.